Monday, April 5, 2010

The microwave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My intense phobia of the microwave can be traced back to the person who has managed to teach me all the great stone age philosophies of life, my dearest mother. I was already a very infrequent user of this device but  a distinct dialog between my mom and my husband Matt some years back solidified my commitment to never use this item in my house again.

Matt had come home from work very late, past the hour where any healthful eating should take place.  With him he had brought some hot dogs from the grocery store (also not an item I would ever think to purchase much less eat).  My mom was visiting us at the time and in her samaritan ways wanted to assist Matt in the kitchen with the task of making him something to eat.  While preparing him a salad to go alongside his toxic hotdog she quizzed him on how he would prepare this american favorite.  He tiredly replied that he would microwave the item in question which led my mother to gasp in shock.  Matt looked at her questioningly, always interested to learn new viewpoints, when she expressed so clearly: "Oh no, I never use the microwave.  It changes the molecular consistency of food. In addition I am nervous with anything that puts radiation in my food."  I don't remember what happened to the hotdog that night but I do remember that Matt never used the microwave again from that day forward.

To this day I continue my battle to not use this device that is a staple appliance in 90% of all American households.  When I was pregnant with my son Sky, it appeared that the market for baby bottle sterilizers had changed to only microwavable models, meaning you would sterilize all baby's bottles in the microwave only.  I was unable to find one sterilizer, that did not operate a different way so I was thrilled to discover, that I had indeed saved the electric steam sterilizer from my daughter Orchid's arrival.

Is it not peculiar that pregnant women and children are told never to stand near the microwave, yet our infants' bottles are to be sterilized in the very same device?  Does it worry nobody, that even manufacturers and doctors warn against microwaving formula and milk for babies  as it is proven that the food for babies will have lost it's nutrient structure through the microwaving process?  Would it not be logical that the same loss of nutrients occurs with all food put in the microwave?  Most importantly, is nobody concerned about why the non-pregnant and non child population should be any less averse of the risks regarding the microwave?  I recommend everyone consult Dr. Google with respect to research about this.  What you will read, will hopefully make you too, a believer, that the microwave is to be avoided at all cost.

Finally, when the day comes that you decide to live without this toxic device, you have also committed to get back to cooking real food the right way which is always a good thing.  Here's to living the good life without the microwave....

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